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Sketching & Inking Masterclass with Peter Gustafsson

Learn how to draw weird monsters and crazy creatures with Swedish artist Peter Gustafsson
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Lowbrow Character Creation
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Love to draw weird stuff?

Want to really level up and take your weirdo drawing skills to a whole different level?

Then come along and learn from Peter Gustafsson from Sweden.

Peter has a unique and wild way of drawing his famous lowbrow weirdo characters.

Jesper Bram and Peter filmed this workshop over two days at Peters studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Peter takes you step by step from what he do when he sketches to finishing of with a detailed ink drawing.

Here's what you will learn:

Sketching phase:

  • How to make your characters stand out and look different

  • How to draw items in a crazy way that goes with your crazy characters

  • How to fast track your ideas and always be able to figure out what to draw

Shading phase:

  • How to figure out where to make your character dark and where to make it light.

  • How to use different shading techniques for different effects.

  • How to use shading to make your characters stand out even more

Outlining phase:

  • How to work with variation in line thickness to make your characters come alive

  • How to prepare and sketch lines so that you got it right before you start to ink

  • How to add graphic effects to create action and movement in your artwork

Inking phase:

  • How to use different styles and tools of lining for different looks.

  • How to correctly use a brush pen to create super cool cartoon looking lines.

  • How to use a light pad (if you have one) for creating squeaky clean ink drawing on top of you pencil drawings.

Tools needed

Peter use very simpel tools in this master class. Basically all you need is:

  • Sheets of blank paper. (cheap printer paper is fine)

  • A pencil

  • An eraser

  • A felt tip or brush pen

Nothing fancy at all. But we also mention some fancy stuff like eg. a light pad. But it's not all necessary for doing the master class.

Sketching & Inking Masterclass with Peter Gustafsson
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