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pfSense Fundamentals - Secure Networks With pfSense Firewall

Learn to secure your home or business with the free, feature rich, enterprise grade pfSense Firewall
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How to protect your home or business with a pfSense Firewall
Introduction to pfSense
Firewall Refresher
pfSense as a Perimeter Firewall
pfSense Installation Options
pfSense Hardware Requirements
Initial Setup
Adding DNS Servers to DHCP
Enabling SSH
Adding a User
Disabling IPv6
Customizing the GUI Dashboard
Changing Your pfSense Theme
Firewall Considerations
Whitelist vs. Blacklist
Where to Place Rules
Floating Rules
Adding a New Rule
Adding Aliases
Adding ICMP Message Types Outbound
Strategy for Whitelisting Outbound
Tuning Egress Rules
Firewall Rule Order
Adding Rule Separators
Suricata IDS/IPS
Configuring a DMZ
pfSense Troubleshooting
Backing Up and Restoring Your Firewall
Updating Your Firewall

==========================Student Reviews======================

This is a great course for anyone needing to understand the pfSense firewall system. It was well worth both time and money. The presentation of the instructor was very professional, well thought out and the demonstrations were extremely relevant and easy to follow. -- David S. ★★★★★

This an excellent course, i started knowing nothing. Now I am no longer the one i was before starting and every topic is well organized... Hats off Ted, The instructor Ted made it become very easy for someone to learn. By the end of the course i feel very happy and ready to continue learning and keep practicing what I've learned from you. -- Hermann S.F. ★★★★★

Excellent overview, and quick initial setup of pfSense. Good coverage on mentioning you can set it up in monitor mode to observe your traffic for a few weeks, after basic rules are in place; then review the logs to put in place any remaining necessary rules. I've studied firewalls before; but first foray into pfSense. I like it. -- Kevin S. ★★★★★


pfSense is a full featured, open source firewall specific BSD build. You can download an image for free, and install it on your own hardware, or in your virtualized environment of choice, or purchase a very reasonably priced pre-configured device.

Even though pfSense is built on FreeBSD, you don't have to know BSD or Linux to manage your firewall. You are encouraged to do everything you need through the browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI).

As with all Udemy courses:

  • You have a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied with the course.

  • You have lifetime full access to the course and all updates and additions.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of what a firewall is

    • Overview

    • Interfaces

      • Outside (Untrusted)

      • Demilitarized Zone (Medium Trust)

      • Internal (Trusted)

    • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)

    • Application Layer Firewall

  • Why you need a firewall

  • What pfSense is

    • The operating system it's built on

    • Pro's and con's of open source

  • The main features included with pfSense

    • Overview

    • Management through the Web based Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    • Firewall

    • Network Address Translation (NAT)

    • User Management

  • Configure pfBlockerNG

    • Installing pfBlockerNG

    • Which traffic to analyze for pfBlockerNG

    • Configuring pfBlockerNG

  • Install Snort IDS/IPS

    • Install Snort

    • Choose Snort Rule Sets

    • Download Rule Set updates

    • Assign Rule Sets to interfaces

  • Install Suricata IDS/IPS

    • Install Suricata

    • Choose Suricata Rule Sets

    • Download Rule Set updates

    • Assign Rule Sets to interfaces

  • Configure a DMZ

    • Create a DMZ

    • Configure Firewall Rules

    • Configure Port Forwarding Rules

    • Configure Inbound Rules (HTTP)

    • Configure Snort or Suricata to protect DMZ

    • Test to Ensure Protection Works

  • Maintaining Your Firewall

    • Backing up and restoring from backup

    • Updating

    • Troubleshooting Issues

Dive in and learn pfSense today!

pfSense Fundamentals - Secure Networks With pfSense Firewall
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