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Physics - Kinematics (2-D) for High School and Intro College

This course contains lessons with simple and clear explanations of Vectors, Projectiles, and Circular Motion.
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Have an understanding of introductory algebra-based physics.
Understand and solve problems in kinematics (two-dimensional motion); including vectors, projectile motion, and circular motion.

This course is one of a series of courses designed for algebra-based high school and intro college physics.  In this course, the topics and concepts in two-dimensional kinematics will be covered; including vectors, projectile motion, and circular motion.  The course contains video lessons with note templates, practice assignments, and assessment quizzes.  Completion of these items should enable students to have a firm understanding of the topics and concepts listed in the course description.

The highlight of this course is very clear and simplified explanations of the concepts during the video lessons with assignments that reinforce the learning.  This is a great course for any student struggling with the basic concepts of a high school or introductory college physics course or anyone interested in starting to learn about physics.  This course does not cover calculus-based physics, but the foundation of the physics concepts still apply to calculus-based courses.

Upon completion of this course, students can continue with the other courses in this series which contain the topics covered in a traditional introductory physics course.  These courses are taught by an instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching physics and is known for explaining the concepts in physics clearly for all to understand.

Physics - Kinematics (2-D) for High School and Intro College
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