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Pet Nutrition Diploma + Bonus Pet First Aid Manual

A complete guide to raw feeding and home cooking for our dogs and cats
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Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs and Cats
Benefits of Home cooking for Pets
Different types of Raw (BARF & PMR)
Differences between feeding dogs and cats
Weaning Puppies and Kittens
Safe bones to feed
Well Balanced Recipes
How to prepare a well balanced diet
How to prepare home made treats
Senior Pets
Transitioning Phase
Frequently Asked Question such as myths about raw feeding, pets that suffer with pancreatitis, worms etc.

There are a lot of conflicting theories and myths about what to feed our dogs and cats. This can get very confusing about what the best approach is to ensure a healthy long life style for our pets, especially when these myths are coming from people to earn a profit or lack knowledge about pet nutrition. This course will help clarify a lot of questions some people may have about raw feeding and home cooking and put the myths to rest. It may be a lot of information to take in all at once, however I do assure you that it is not as complicated as it seems.

This course is for

  • -People interested to transition their dog or cat to a freshly prepared diet

  • -People who already raw feed or home cook and want to ensure that they are feeding the right quantities, variation and balance

  • -Learn the benefits of raw feeding and home cooking

  • -Different types of raw feeding

  • -Feeding a well balanced home cooked meal

  • -Whether or not to supplement the dog or cat

  • -Recipe ideas for DIY

  • -How to make homemade treats

  • -Natural remedies to help your pet

  • -Know the difference between raw feeding and home cooking

Your tutor Nicole, is a well known and recommended Pet Nutritionist who has studied extensively how to identify the best possible balanced diet each individual dog or cat needs. She is able to recommend ways of how to prevent certain health problems occurring such as parasites and diseases, and help identify common conditions, viruses and bugs that your pet may suffer from and how to fight them. She is also an accredited pet first aider and trainer.

By the end of the course you will have complete knowledge of how to prepare recipes for complete well balanced meals, make home made treats and know the best way to supplement your pets.

Pet Nutrition Diploma + Bonus Pet First Aid Manual
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