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Pet CPR (Advanced)

Know when and how to administer CPR to a pet animal, including recognising the signs of unconsciousness and shock
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Knowing how to confidently and effectively administer CPR to an animal is essential. Pets suffer from accidents, traumas and clinical emergencies just like humans do, so having the knowledge and confidence to "step in" and deal with an emergency is really important.

This short course will teach you how to recognise the different types of collapse and unconsciousness, how to confidently administer CPR to a pet animal and to monitor the signs of shock.  It is important to know when it is recommended to administer CPR.  The reason an animal may require CPR is varied from heart disease to severe shock to impact trauma.  Only a vet can diagnose so this will not teach you how to diagnose.  Instead you will learn how to assess the patient, triage the symptoms and administer life-saving CPR. The technique shown and the information given is relevant to any mammalian species, so can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits and even rodents!

Pet CPR (Advanced)
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