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Persuasive Business Writing Skills

Professional Writing Skills to persuade and influence your audience - achieving your objectives every time
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Learn how to use professional 'business English'
Understand the power of emotion in written communications
Discover the various ways to structure your argument for maximum impact
Find out how to get your point across in writing
Improve your ability to write persuasively and get others to do what you want
Gain confidence to write clearly and succinctly for maximum impact

Do you sometimes have difficulty in getting your point across in emails and other written documents?  Struggle to make yourself heard and to get others to do what you want?  May be you think your written communications are too blunt?  Or perhaps you have a tendency to waffle?  If you want to learn how to write effective communications which appear professional and which will influence and persuade your audience, then this workshop  is for you.  We will look at some of the key tools & techniques that you can easily apply to your own writing and improve the effectiveness of your writing. Helping you to communicate more effectively and efficiently - and achieve your communication objectives first time, every time.

Persuasive Business Writing Skills
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