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Marketing: Persuade Buyers On A Minimal Budget

Simple Savvy Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Away
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Write blogs that people actually want to read
Come up with creative blog titles with ease
Grow an email list from nothing
Reduce the rate at which people "unsubscribe" from your email list
Get writing gigs for newspapers and magazines
Grow your audience through podcasting
Create video content to develop more loyal fans
Tackle "stage fright" using my 19-part strategy
Come up with strategies for creating on-going content
Distribute content on social media more effectively
Improve Conversion of "fans" into "buyers"
Grow your business using trade shows and business expos
Launch new products with a bang (of sales)
Create product catalogs
Come up with innovative ways for partnering with people that can help your business grow
Use paid-for ads more effectively ... Facebook isn't free but it can help you make a lot of money

Between January 2013 and December 2016 I sold about $400,000 worth of products online. For almost 3 of those 4 years I was either pregnant or playing mum to a little baby so I could only work part time. 

Learning how to market was the key in generating this kind of revenue. Effective marketing helped me to achieve my dual goal of spending LOTS of time with baby AND earning money at the same time. I paid for childcare when I worked and the balance between being mum and running a business was very fulfilling. 

If you'd like to market more effectively on a minimal budget this is the course for you.

Marketing: Persuade Buyers On A Minimal Budget
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