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Perspective: Photography tools that make your pictures POP

Learn 200 years of artistic innovation in less than two hours. Transform flat pictures into 3D photos with Perspective.
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Say goodby to flat, lifeless photos and learn to make 3D pictures that POP!
Learn the 5 types of Perspective that every professional photographer should know.
Learn to create depth in every picture without leading lines or horizons, so you have the confidence to make great pictures anywhere in the world.
Learn techniques that took over 200 years to evolve in less than 2 hours.
Learn the mistakes most people make without knowing it.
You don't need gimmicks like HDR or expensive gear to make award winning pictures.
You will find these techniques in EVERY award winning photograph, on the cover of EVERY major magazine, and in EVERY museum around the world. These techniques work no matter what camera you use or what you take a picture of.

Perspective…is one of the greatest inventions in the History of Art and most photographers are only ever taught the Cliff’s Notes to Perspective, leading lines.  

What did Perspective do and why would you want to learn about it?

Perspective allowed flat, 2D pictures to transform into life-like, 3D images that revolutionized how we see.  It is how we went from cave paintings to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Renaissance artists invented the tools of Perspective so they could make flat walls feel like they were windows to another world.  They brought the ceilings of cathedrals, the walls of palaces, and the most famous paintings of all time to life using Perspective.

  • But how does Perspective work? 
  • Where does Perspective come from?  
  • How can photographers use it?

Up until now the best lessons of Perspective were reserved for exclusive art educations.  But I will take these lessons out of their Ivory Towers and bring them to photographers around the world and share these tools for a fraction of the price that I paid for me university degree. 

My Goal is Simple:  

  • I pull out the most essential ideas that took hundreds of years to evolve and put them into an 1.5 hour program designed specifically for you.  

It took over 200 years for artists to develop a system of perspective.  But you can learn everything you need to know in less than 2 hours, with this course. 

What can you do with Perspective?  

  • Maximize depth of field and bokeh.
  • Create depth without leading lines. 
  • Use geometry of streets, architecture and nature to support your vision. 
  • Combine Perspective techniques so your pictures will jump off of the print, screen, book, or whatever final format you choose.  

It doesn’t matter if you photograph people, landscapes, still lives, weddings, travel, street or somewhere in between.  These lessons can be applied to any type of photography and will make anything you do better.

What is a picture like without Perspective, flat, lifeless, and boring…and who wants pictures like that?!  

Perspective: Photography tools that make your pictures POP
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