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Personal Transformation

Understanding and implementing the five processes of personal transformation
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How to implement five personal transformation processes
How to understand and follow the Lord's vision for your life
The four key elements of drawing near to God
How to transition in your calling
How to give and receive coaching and mentoring
The four aspects of transformational communication
The seven types of mentoring
The five key arenas of revelation for personal growth

This course will help you to understand God's specific calling on your life and be transformed into the person who can fulfill that calling. It will help you draw near to God and develop growth relationships. It will help you to have a fresh understanding of God's personal vision for your life as well as equip you to transition into the next iteration of your calling.

The course has a transformational journal where, at the end of every session, you consider 1 or 2 key issues with the Lord, others or by yourself. You are invited to pray, address your mindsets or take some new actions.

There is a link in the resources of session 1 to a personal Kingdom Culture assessment

Each of the 12 sessions has a 7-12 minute video as well as downloadable session notes for you to use.

Each session has subtitles, transcripts and transformation journals in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Galician

Este curso te ayudará a comprender el llamamiento específico de Dios sobre tu vida y a transformarte en la persona que puede cumplir ese llamamiento. Te ayudará a acercarte a Dios y a desarrollar relaciones de crecimiento. Te ayudará a tener una nueva comprensión de la visión personal de Dios para tu vida, y te equipará para la transición a la próxima etapa de tu llamamiento.

El curso tiene un Diario de Transformación donde, al final de cada sesión, consideras 1 o 2 asuntos claves con el Señor, con otros o solo. Estás invitado a orar, a abordar tu mentalidad o tomar nuevas medidas.

Cada una de las 12 sesiones tiene un video de 7-12 minutos, así como notas de sesión descargables para tu uso.

Cuenta con subtítulos en español, transcripciones y el Diario de Transformación en inglés, español, portugués y gallego.

Personal Transformation
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