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Personal Success in Management and Organization

A course exclusive for Managers with practical management experience of not less than 1 year
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You will learn about "Management and Organization of a Team" - to reach an Objective

This seminar & training is exclusive for Managers, who want

  • To improve their managerial competence

  • To improve their organizational competence

  • To get critical information about relevant success factors to improve their management qualities

  • To use these critical information to complete/adjust their own know-how

  • To execute the learned know-how for their personal success in sense of an improved management style in their relevant managerial and organizational environment

The seminar & training is a video reproduction of a planned “real-life” course with the aim to teach 1 to 10 managers in a group, in an interactive manner between the advisor/trainer and the participants and between the participants too. Due to the targeted group of clients I waive learning activities such as “quiz” or other exercises because they reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the course (time is money).

The Seminar & Training Content (units/chapters)

  • Main Characteristics of Organization & Management

  • Organizational Performance

  • Organizational Lifecycle

  • Theory of Management and Organization

  • Models of Organization

  • Concepts about Nature of People

  • Personal Success: Learn & Execute Self-Management Competencies

  • Concepts about Nature of Organization

  • Organizational Success: Requisites

  • Indicators of Organizational Success

  • Managing People for Organizational Success

  • Building & Improving Organizational Capability

  • Staff Morale & Job Performance

  • Organizational Problems and Winning Strategy for Success

The Course targets (what you learn)

  • To understand what an organization is (characteristics, features, types, models, nature of an organization)

  • To understand the nature of humans regarding management & organization (organizational behavior, team-management, self-management)

  • To be able to execute self-management, team-management and improve own organizational behavior as well as team organizational behavior (learning organization)

  • To solve organizational problems with strategies to reach your and the organizational targets successfully in an effective and efficient manner

Expected course result

At the end of the seminar & training, the Manager should be fit for reaching Personal & Organizational Success in Management and Organization – no matter of the kind and size of the Organization and his/her Management level/position in an Organization

Personal Success in Management and Organization
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