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The complete Personal Protective Equipment training

A complete PPE course covering both regulatory, technical and managerial aspects.
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Understand the importance of PPE
Grasp an understanding of both OSHA and EU regulations
Determine both employer's and the employee's liabilites
Know the basics of conducting a “hazard assessment” of the workplace.
Understand the types of PPE and select appropriate PPE for a variety of circumstances.
Identify the main requirements of both ANSI and EU PPE standards
Put in place a robust and consistent PPE program within your organization

PPE is crucial when it comes to safety at work. PPE prevents you and your employees from injuries which some of them could be fatal. This course is designed to bring you understand the importance of PPE, know the main regulations according to OSHA and the EU and deepen your knowledge about the technical requirements of a variety of PPE types. Furthermore, this course also covers relevant aspects about the conformity of PPE put on the market.

This course is designed with an innovative approach called Understanding by Design in order to make your learning efficient and -very important- enjoyable. A set of activities to reflect on the key points will help you anchor the messages and develop your expertize.

This course is not only about knowing! It is also about developing your ability to select the appropriate PPE and put in place a consistent PPE program through its complete lifecycle.

At the end of this course, you'll be very comfortable to tackle issues and tasks related to PPE: I am sure you will be able to demonstrate your leadership on this subject, support your employees, impress your managers.

Above all, this course aims that YOU and all of us keep go back SAFE home to our beloved ones!

The complete Personal Protective Equipment training
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