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DiSC Personality Types Leadership Training For Career Change

Leadership Training To Help You Enjoy Life, Radiate Confidence, Influence People and Facilitate Career Change
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You can increase your ability to Make Effective Decisions under pressure
You can increase your ability to Identify and Take Action on the right work
You can increase your ability to Focus On Building Your Strengths and then delegate work not aligned to your strengths
You can increase your ability to Maximize Your Time And Energy on doing the right things
You can increase your ability to Prioritize What Matters Most Now and influence your support team or staff to do the same

Leadership is the process of influencing other experts to work beside you to bring forth a desired vision - whether it be an improvement project, career change or startup business.

Your first objective is to become someone worthy of supporting, because people buy into your leadership ability long before they fully embrace your vision for a better experience. DiSC Personality Types (DPT) Leadership Training For Career Change is designed to prepare you for this personal transformation.

Here are just 7 factors that this leadership training will mature in you to sharpen your vision and expand your influence:

  1. Character – Who You Are Consistently
  2. Relationships – Who You Know That Matters
  3. Knowledge – What You Know (particularly about yourself)
  4. Intuition – What You See When There's No Physical Evidence
  5. Experience – Where You’ve Been and The Wisdom You've Gained
  6. Past Success – What You’ve Done To Make Things Happen
  7. Ability – What You Can Do Today... With What You Already Have

Throughout the course, I ask an important question over and over again.

Who and What will help you reach your next milestone?

This answer can be found in the 7 factors listed above. However, to uncover the answer you must go through a process of self-discovery which I'll facilitate using DiSC Personality Insights, as well as leadership and biblical principles.

Self-discovery makes you aware of your Unique Combination of Powers (UCP) and helps you to appreciate the tremendous value that others can contribute to your advancement.

We'll explore the teachings of some of the greatest minds to ever discuss leadership, self-knowledge and quality of life. I'll simplify and then connect the many lessons to the 4 DiSC Personality Types, creating a foundation for positive interaction and teamwork.

As we shape you into the person who can attract the right people and influence right action, almost on demand, others will notice the quality of your leadership skills. This will open the door to many profitable working relationships.

Just imagine how much easier life will be when you have a legion of supporters to join you in the quest for victory, because in helping you WIN they WIN also.

If you're ready to become a mighty influencer and position yourself to move in the direction of the Career Change which could significantly improve your quality of life, click Take This Course.


The leadership training and DiSC Personality Insights that you'll learn in this course will allow you to not only get your JOY back, but also releases the MOJO you need to stay focused long enough to bring forth real progress.

In your current job, business or startup business in the making, how you:

  • manage your time and energy
  • choose the right work
  • build upon your strengths
  • choose what to do next
  • make effective decisions

...determines who will come along you to bring what you see in your mind into reality. Your demonstration of the 7 Factors and 5 Skills (i just mentioned) influences people like no other process!

Let's get started!

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DiSC Personality Types Leadership Training For Career Change
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