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Personal organization and management of time at work

Keys to achieve a good performance
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Increase your level of personal organization.
Have total control over your time.
Apply simple and effective methods that will allow you to achieve your personal goals.
Determine the causes that interfere in a good planning of your work.
Make a program and plan the time in a realistic way.
Make intelligent decisions facing up unexpected events.
Identify and control your "thieves of time".
Have the best useful tips to schedule the time.

In this course we will help you to develop the necessary skills so that you can organize yourself and learn how to effectively manage your time in and out of work.

Throughout the course you will learn about the importance of knowing how to organize and manage time, you will know the signs that tell us about its misuse, the way you can plan, program and develop your own goals to take advantage of the maximum time, the manage of the so-called "thieves of time", the unexpected events, as well as several useful tips to program your time realistically.

Personal organization and management of time at work
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