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Personal Finances 101

7 Strategies To Improve Your Finances
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Tips On How To Save
Tips on Budgeting
Basics about Investing
Setting An Emergency Fund
Debt Reduction Strategies

This class gives 7 strategies that will improve your financial life and increase your financial education. Learn strategies about saving, budgeting, investing, debt, and more.

This class is brief, it is not an in-depth class. The information is easily digestible, with an easy to understand approach. Learn strategies from a Personal Finance Coach: steps that are proven and what most wealthy people and self-made millionaires do.

In this class you'll learn:

  • The importance of setting financial goals

  • The importance of writing a financial plan

  • 7 Financial strategies

  • Insurance and writing a will

After taking this course:

  • Your financial education would increase

  • You would understand better how money can work for you

  • You will be more conscious of how you spend your money

  • You will be more confident with your financial strategies

  • You will be motivated, wanting to achieve your financial goals

Personal Finances 101
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