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Identity Theft Prevention and Personal Finance Security

Learn how to secure your personal finance and personally identifiable information before it’s too late!
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I'll show you a detailed action plan you can actually follow to make yourself more secure.
You'll learn identity theft defense and personal finance security.
How to position yourself better against forgery and fraud.

First, I want to tell you why I hate most security tips. They’re irrelevant, extreme, or tired. They are cutting out what you can’t do to be secure. The irony aside, I developed this course for you to take action, to take hope out of the equation.

Most people think they’re just fine or something else will protect them. This is very naïve way of securing your personal finances or preventing identity theft as a whole. You won’t leave your car in a shady area unlocked must because there are laws and law enforcement officers.

The course is based on a model to optimize your security efforts. If you don’t use it, you lose it. You read a good article on identity theft protection but then do nothing. You’re like “ok, now what?” What do I say when I call the phone numbers? Which websites do I go to and what do the websites look like? Which screenshots am I supposed to use? When the information isn’t directly in front of you, it’s that much harder to take action.

I think the solution to getting more people to take action is to have rich, detailed tips that have addresses, phone numbers, screenshots and everything we need. Experts say you should go to Annual Credit Report to get your free credit report to check for irregularities. Have any of you actually done that? Do you know what the website looks like and be confident that you're not going to a phishing website?

Seeing a plan with examples will generate peace of mind for you, especially if you barely know how to turn a computer on. My philosophy is to help you reduce your attack surface and to help you actively take part in security yourself without stressing you out.

Today I’ll show you real strategies that work. You won’t get in your own way with a wall of things you need to do. You’ll start off with a couple things to do immediately and graduate into other important things.

Each tip falls within a specific category and has screenshots, phone numbers, websites, and even my own recommendations.

Enrolling in this course will be like having someone close to you guiding and reminding you to be more secure and to stay focused. The premium tips here are really useful, I spent a lot of time on them. It's worth mentioning though, these tips won't make you "hackproof." Anyone who offers you absolute protection is lying to you or is a commission-based salesman.

If you don't agree and don't like the course, let me know how to improve it or use Udemy's refund feature within 30 days. We're talking low risk here. Thanks a lot for joining me.

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P.S. - It's worth mentioning, however, the biggest region that would benefit from this course would be those people in the U.S. If you don't live in the U.S., I'd still love to have you in this course, but know that some of the specific recommendations involve U.S. based resources and may not be available in your country. 

P.P.S. - Oh, and one more thing. Just because you use a Mac doesn't mean you're off the hook. ;)


I believe in continuous improvement in all my courses and products! Here's the list of updates to this Identity Theft Prevention course since release:

  1. Added U.S. English captions to all videos on 4/6/2019. The auto-generated captions were bad.

  2. Added the Identity Theft Prevention and Personal Finance Security Course Slides (72 page PDF) resource to the Get Ready to Take Action lecture on 4/5/2019.

  3. Cleaned up, fixed errors, and updated FTC PDFs in the Your Incident Response and Recovery Plan lecture on 4/4/2019. These were the 5 hand crafted PDFs I created to help make the FTC's identity theft action plan portable.

  4. Updated the ID Theft Recovery Checklist (renamed XLSX spreadsheet) from the Get Ready to Take Action lecture to v1.4 on 4/4/2019.

  5. Fixed many lecture titles and descriptions on 4/3/2019.

  6. Added a new lecture on 4/1/2019.

Identity Theft Prevention and Personal Finance Security
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