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Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs

Use MINT you get your PERSONAL FINANCES organized for your crazy ENTREPRENEURIAL or SMALL BUSINESS life.
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Gain a complete understanding of personal finance
Master the personal finance tool Mint from Intuit
Learn the importance of savings, the role of debt and power of investing
Learn the five areas of personal finance and all the accounts that go into each
Demystify your credit score and practice credit repair
Understand taxes, the tax cycle and tax preparation software
Additional tips, tricks and practical advice on maintaining this system
Learn how personal finance helps us understand entrepreneurial or business finance
Learn how to manage your personal finance on the GO with the Mint Mobile App

This is a KILLER and COMPLETE course on Personal Finance and how to deploy a personal finance tool.

The FLOW of this course:

This course will walk you through a series of logical steps to help you understand the personal finance.  We'll begin with some basic concepts and frameworks.  We'll leverage this foundation so YOU can deploy personal finance awesome in your life.  We will break down each section of your personal finances and discuss the subtleties of each.

Once we get everything added to our personal finance tool, we'll run reports on our personal finance data, complete analysis, see where we're spending money, understand our Net Worth and more!  This will help us as we head into the final course part.

Our final course part will allow us to reorient ourselves towards the future and we'll use Personal Finance Goals and Budgets to plan and then track our progress towards our financial objectives.

We're going to cover the following:

  • Why personal finance matters, the concepts of savings, debt, investments, credit scores and much more.

  • We’ll get you completely comfortable using a personal finance tool called Mint from Intuit and we’ll learn and practice key tool features like Categories, Tags, Reporting & your Net Worth.

  • We’ll learn and deploy forward looking strategies like Goals and Budgets and we’ll cover all things Taxation.

  • We'll teach you about investing, strategy for credit repair, strategy for debt repayment and a health personal finance lifestyle and supporting habits.

  • We dive into the most interesting areas of personal finance and sometimes MUCH MUCH more.

The Result

  • You’ll be more in control and more confident than you ever have been!

  • You’ll get some incredible tips an and tricks from me as well.

I cannot fix all of your personal finance problems but I sure as heck can empower your with the information, the tools and a process so that YOU can them!

See you in class.

Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs
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