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Personal Budgeting System That Works - Google Sheets

Estimate Your Cash Flow Budget With Our Easy to Use Google Sheets Household Budget Model
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Easily see whether your household cash flow is in good or bad shape.
Work out your current personal or household net cash flow.
See how long it will take you to achieve your savings goal.
Get accurate estimates for your variable inflows and outflows.
Categorise your cash outflows.
See your biggest cash outflow categories on a pie chart.
Adjust your inflows and outflows to get to the cash flow position you want.

In this course, you will use our Personal Budget Model to easily create a comprehensive cash flow budget for your household.

** No Spreadsheet Skills Required. We Have Made The Budget Model In Google Sheets For You **

We have kept our budget model as simple as possible so you will not be overwhelmed and confused.

By the end of the course, you will see exactly what money is coming into and going out of your life so you can easily see where you need to make improvements.


In the beginning, we take a tour of the budget model so you can become familiar with each section.

Then, we take a look at how the Cash In and Cash Out tabs work.

You will then learn how to easily see on average how much you spend on variable costs such as food and petrol.

We also create categories for your cash outflows, such as Entertainment and Loans, so you can see more easily where your money is going.

Towards the end, we take a look at your net cash flow position to see whether it is in good shape.

Finally, we talk about how you can use the budget model on a continual basis and how you can work out how long it will take you to achieve your savings goal.


By the end of the course you should have the confidence and know-how to set up a household budget and adjust it until you get to your ideal net cash flow position.

Personal Budgeting System That Works - Google Sheets
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