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Personal Cacao Ceremony Training Online Course (LVL 2 - PRO)

Guide To Making Your Own Cacao Ceremonies & Rituals At Home - ALL LEVELS WELCOME
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How to facilitate: Personal cacao ceremony
How to facilitate: Personal Cacao ritual
How to make: Personal Cacao recipes
In depth knowledge of cacao
How to facilitate: Personal Morning Cacao rituals
How to make a Cacao home practice
Medicina Cacao
IxCacao spiritual practice

You are not here by mistake!

You are here because you heard a sacred whisper by Cacao spirit, Cacao Deva also known as IxCacao. You have been invited to enter into this sacred journey with IxCacao and start your own personal cacao ritual or ceremony practice at home.

IxCacao is one of the most important Mayan God(dess) of Chocolate. IxCacao is the Mayan Goddess of the Cacao tree and Chocolate that is made from the fruit of that tree. She was often invoked in prayer along with the Corn Mother, the Rain God, and other agricultural deities. She is one of the most important deities in the Mayan cosmology.

Cacao is a well known magical heart opening medicine which has helped many connect on a deeper level with themself their inner world. IxCacao will help you achieve a new level of self love and acceptance, and shift into a lighter and more positive version of yourself, letting go of any things or layers that are holding you back from experiencing true life bliss.

By taking this course, you will develop a sacred container space to deeper into your work with IxCacao. You will be able to build your very own private ceremonies which you will specifically designed to your unique needs. You will make unique journeys into discovering and work with IxCacao without a mediator, so you can release what you are ready to be let go of, and open to your heart, mind, soul and body to the next level of expansion.

This course can will help you build your own intimate sacred practice, release and understand thing your life. You can incorporate it into any specific spiritual practices. This is a detailed course that is ideal for anyone experienced in yoga, meditations, shadow work, energy work and other practices to help you connect with IxCacao who will bring your out the messages that has been wanting to come out from within you.

Cacao will helps you drop into the heart, it will help you relax your nervous system, and will helps you to access the subconscious mind while helping you achieve deep relaxation and a clean head. This personal cacao ceremony course will  help you access all of this and build a stable and quality home practice.

You will be guided throughout the course to get a good understanding of what a Cacao ceremony really is. Cacao ceremonies where always very intimate and were never intended for large groups. The only people traditionally allowed to drink Cacao were Shamans and Priests. If you heard the whisper of IxCacao, you are ready to dive in.

After each intimate personal cacao ceremony you'll feel a sense of relief, release, openness, and a deep connection to the universe and yourself. Learn how to build real personal cacao ceremonies.


Have you always wanted to attend a cacao ceremony but don't have the time, money or it's not available at your location?


- Altar set up video

- Cacao Chant

- Guided Meditation

- Music Playlist


This course welcomes all levels, and for anyone that has or hasn’t attended a group cacao ceremony in the past. This course is intended to help you build your own cacao ritual or ceremony practice at home, which you can incorporate with your other spiritual practices.

If you are not interested in facilitating cacao ceremonies, but rather want to know how to do a regular home personal cacao ceremonies and rituals, then this course is PERFECT for you.

You will learn all about personal cacao ceremonies and rituals. You will also have access to one guided personal cacao ceremony you can listen every time you go into the ceremony in the privacy of your own home.

In this course, not only will you enter into a cacao ritual and ceremony, but you will also learn how to make a daily cacao practice, weekly practice, bi-monthly practice, and a three-month cacao practice.

This course is a fantastic addition to my other cacao ceremony course for beginners.

“The superiority of cacao, both for health and nourishment, will soon give it the same preference over tea and coffee in America which it has in Spain.” — THOMAS JEFFERSON

⭐  Is this course for you?

· Do you want to build your own at home Cacao Rituals or Ceremonies?

· Do you want to learn more about this sacred healing plant?

· Are you thinking of becoming an IxCacao facilitator?

· Do you want to find something to incorporate into your other spiritual practices?

· Are cacao ceremonies to far from your location to attend?

· Do you want to do cacao ceremonies in the comfort of your own home?

This course is necessary for everyone who wants to start their own personal cacao ritual or ceremony practice at home. This course does not require any previous experience with cacao ceremonies. This course is ideal for people who cannot or do not want to attend group cacao ceremonies, for any reason.

⭐  Who SHOULD take this course?

  • Anyone who is interested in the metaphysical approach to cacao

  • Anyone who wants to build a home cacao practice

  • Are you attracted to cacao ceremonies and want to learn more?

  • Don’t have the finances to afford an in-depth cacao ceremony facilitator training course that costs over a thousand dollars?

  • Are you a spiritual healer, a Reiki practitioner, a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, tarot and oracle reader, and you want a new spiritual practice to add into your life? 

  • Have you been to a cacao ceremony and all of a sudden your life changed, and now you want to learn more about cacao ceremonies and how to make your own home practice?


You get lifetime access to all these awesome materials and can message me if you have questions anytime! ** 

Enroll now & get started on your cacao ceremony journey!

⭐  Frequently Asked Questions

"Does This Course Come With a Certificate?”

Yes. At the very end of the course, not only will you receive Udemy’s certificate of completion, but you’ll also receive a printable certificate of competition made specifically for the students of this course.

"I want to be a Cacao facilitator, how can I do this?"

  • Do you want to learn more about cacao ceremonies? 

  • Do you want to learn more about the history of cacao? 

  • Do you want to see if you could be a cacao facilitator? 

Enroll now & get started building your personal cacao ritual or ceremony at-home practice!


  • GROUP - There is a private Facebook group you can join to further discuss any questions you might have

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  • Music


  • Morning Cacao Ritual Practice

  • Womb Healing Cacao Practice

About Me

After years training and leading cacao ceremonies, IxCacao told me it was time to share my knowledge and my experience with YOU!

I am a CERTIFIED CACAO FACILITATOR! I was taught by KEITH CACAO's student! 

Personal Cacao Ceremony Training Online Course (LVL 2 - PRO)
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