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Personal Breakthrough

The 5 Most Effective Practices for Transformation
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Reveal and replace key decisions that prevent personal thriving
Clarify your core values and organize your life around them
Learn how to harness the magic of meaning
Experience your self as before the constructs of self/ego
Recognize the source of unwanted overarching life patterns
Learn to hear what your triggers are trying to tell you
Imagineer/visualize your future
Rewrite your life's narrative, past, present, an future
Heal from your past, and unresolved emotional memories
Resolve relational struggles
Learn to alter your model of reality in a way that releases suffering relative to your resistance to what is outside of your control
See your past, present, and future through the lens of appreciation and self-love

Personal breakthrough does not come from resisting who you are. The struggle you are experiencing is a result of misunderstanding why you are as you are and why your life is as it is - why the patterns reoccur despite your efforts to change them, despite your integrity, intelligence, and loving heart. The anxiety and depression you are feeling result from being highly attuned to the idea that there seems to be a gap between where you are and where you want to go, and who you want to be (who you know you really are!). In other words, what you know you are capable of and what you know your true essence is. Breakthrough is not about becoming anything new. It is about looking at the layers upon layers that have accumulated and distorted your perception of yourself. And perhaps, in some cases, hidden your true personality under the guise of shyness, or timidity, or aggression, etc.

However, what does lead to breakthrough is recognizing that these layers are byproducts of experience(s) that, we at the time they occurred, were not capable of understanding and processing. And thus, had suppressed and repressed. The thing is that anything we resist (unconsciously or consciously) will persist. Then these repressed experiences manifest in our life experiences (of which we are not aware). These are the sources of unwanted repeated patterns. The ones you recognize you actually can change, and attempt to do so, but then realize they perpetuate. So, a breakthrough is not about rejecting these layers - these intelligent manifestations of you - but seeing why they are as they are. They formulated as a means of coping that at the time had worked but presently no longer serve you. They have become unconsciously habituated.  And automatically, with understanding comes love. With love, the resistance you have toward yourself, i.e., the self-disdain because you are 'not where you think you should be in life,' subsides completely. 

As you unbecome what you are not, you become more yourself. You don't need to change - it is becoming more of yourself that will lead you to a place of thriving. Breakthrough is first and foremost about learning to appreciate who you are, including whatever habits you have developed by knowing there are reasons for having done so.

This process will essentially guide you through a powerful new way of thinking about your past, present, and future. You will completely shift any negative perspectives you have toward yourself, such as self-blame and shame, and will lead you to freedom and growth from wherever you are now.

After years of research and experience, this demonstrates the most efficient means of transformation and breakthrough. Segmented into five specific practices, this process will encourage profound insights that will bring you to self-understanding and respect. You will also align your life with your strengths. Your desires will shift, and you will inevitably begin to make the most out of the present while you take productive steps toward your desired future. How do I know this? Because this is precisely my experience.

Personal Breakthrough
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