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Performing art at home. Movement, energy, creativity

A 5 lesson program of improvised dance performance for boosting energy and immunity, and maintaining tone
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Energize and tone. From 15 minutes a day, together with the trainer, you will go through a cycle of classes from warm-up to free dance.
Minimizes anxiety. Every day we are overtaken by circumstances that provoke stress and cause anxiety. Physical exercise and performative practices are some of the best techniques that will help to cope with this problem.
Unlock creativity. Our classes provoke students to discover a creative approach to familiar things and events.
Transforms your home. Not in a Feng Shui way, of course, but rather through dance and your new creative studio, every corner of your house will sparkle in a new way.
Improve working capacity. It's no secret that physical and creative exercises improve the quality of the brain, your employer will be pleased with you, and the business will take off.

The entire school program is based on working with emotions and conditions that will be lived through technique, improvisation and performance.

5 days of the program - 5 different emotions:
interest | care | fear | tenderness | victory

Our classes will turn your home into a creative space and allow you to embark on a journey from your own head to the sensation of a body, to feel every vertebra and every muscle, find a connection with yourself and speak in body language.

The course is suitable if you:
- work from home;
- are in quarantine;
- love to dance, but can't attend classes;
- want more movement, energy, creativity;
- dream of becoming a performer.

Nastya Vorobyova
Cofounder of VOZDUKH Center.
Accredited trainer (Center of Playback Theater New York), performer, human rights activist, Vice President of International Playback Theater Network, organizer of projects in the social sphere and theater in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Europe, Lebanon, Palestine, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria and the USA. Founder of one of the theories of Integrative Personal Performance and modern theater.

Egor Utkin
Cofounder of VOZDUKH Center. Performer, dancer of the jazz modern, contemporary. Founder of the international festival "Atmosphere of Dance", Moscow. Graduate of the international organization AIESEC, Russia.
Organizer of the international performance project "Times of change" (Russia, USA, Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland, Netherlands). Creation and holding of workshops, performances and projects in Russia, the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Kenya, South Africa.

Performing art at home. Movement, energy, creativity
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