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2020 Manager Guide to Performance Management

How to coach, lead and inspire your team
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How to think through, plan and engage on an effective talent conversations
How to guide employees on setting effective goals
Provide more valuable feedback with a focus on development
Work with other managers to calibrate and assess the talent deck together as a management team
How to have inspirational coaching sessions
Building action plans for developing highly skilled talent, or addressing low performers
Students will participate in an assessment of an imaginary team

"Lack of Development", "No career path" and "didn't feel part of the team" are the top 3 reasons employees resign. Investing and developing your top talent can be critical to your organization's success

As more and more companies are investing within different ways to handle performance management, I've built this course based on 8 years of incredible success as a better way to engage employees, provide feedback, coach as well as assess their performance with your peers.

After this course, I hope you return to the management role excited and inspired to think about how to have talent conversations

2020 Manager Guide to Performance Management
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