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Performance Testing Using Loadrunner12.63 & DevWeb2020

MicroFocus Loadrunner 12.63 & DevWeb2020
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Performance Testing
Loadrunner 2020 [DevWeb]
Loadrunner 12.63 - Script Design using Virtual User Generator
Workload Modelling
Loadrunner 12.63 - Types of Load Scenarios & Load Test Execution using Controller
Loadrunner 12.63 - Analyze Load Test Results using Analysis 12.63

This course covers Performance Testing  at a high level,  core components [VuGen,Controller & Analysis] of Loadrunner using  12.63.

Primary focus is given to script design. Important aspects like Text Checks, Correlation using web_reg_save_param_regexp etc are explained in detail. Workload Modelling, Little's Law, Pacing, thinktime are explained clearly with practical example.  Analysis module is covered up to generating reports using templates.

What's new in Loadrunner 2020?

Detailed sessions on DevWeb2020 Overview, Recording / script generation options, Parameterization, Correlation.

Performance Testing Using Loadrunner12.63 & DevWeb2020
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