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Performance Testing Using Locust 1.0

Learn Python based Modern Load Testing Framework !
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Performance Testing with Locust
Set up locust environment - standalone, distributed from scratch as well as using docker
Feeding data, handling dynamic data in request, cookie handling ,nesting requests
API Testing using Locust
Logging & Error Handling
Working with events - test non-http clients, send data to InfluxDB
Understand Report


It's time to swarm your application by modern load testing framework - Locust!

It's easy to start & quick to understand. It simply figures out how many concurrent users an application handle. It is supported by the most popular language python which makes it highly flexible!

It offers highly scalable and distributed testing and all this comes at no cost! There is no reason why you should not learn this light & yet highly powerful tool. It could be an effective tool for both developers & testers.

Here in this course, I will take you through deeper sections of the tool and make sure that you get highly enabled to use this wonderful tool. Multiple assignments at each step will make you more confident about the concepts learned. Additionally, all the scripts walked through during lectures, and also the solution to the assignment are available in corresponding resources of the lectures.

In case of queries/issues, I would try to respond as early as possible.

Happy Learning!


Performance Testing Using Locust 1.0
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