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Performance Testing for Beginners

Learn more about performance testing before you actually start learning any performance testing tool as it form the core
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An introduction about performance testing and engineering
Types of Web Performance Tests
How to gather the requirements from clients and stakeholders before starting a project
Key point to consider while drafting the Test Approach
Industry standard Performance Testing terminologies
Performance Counters that needs to be monitored
What is Workload modeling and why is it important?
Key considerations before selecting the test scenarios for scripting
Performance Test Planning
Basics of Performance Test Scripting
Performance Test Execution
Metrics Collections
Result Analysis
Report Creation
  • Introduction - What is performance testing and why is it needed?

  • What are the different types of Performance Tests?

  • What is requirements gathering and how do we gather them?

  • What is performance test approach and what are the key considerations to keep in mind before drafting one?

  • Performance Testing terminologies

  • What are the performance counters that we need to take care of while executing test runs?

  • What is workload modelling and why is it important?

  • What are the different types of workload models?

  • How to select the business scenarios for including them in our test execution?

  • What is performance test planning?

  • More details about performance test execution

  • Performance testing scripting - key considerations

  • Important things to take care in performance test execution

  • What are the different metrics that we check and how do we monitor them?

  • How to do the performance test results analysis?

  • How to create the performance test report?

  • And more...

Performance Testing for Beginners
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