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Performance Management and Coaching via timely feedback

Manage your employees' performance with innovative techniques and Coach them by delivering timely feedback
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Be able to learn what traits they need to develop to be a successful coach.
Be able to discover a variety of tools and techniques that can help them build an effective coaching culture.
Be aware of the current challenges in feedback and coaching.
Explore innovative ideas that can expand the possibilities of traditional coaching and thus discover how to address such challenges.
Learn to maximize the investment in training and improve employee performance by timely feedback and then follow-up.

This course highlights the current challenges in Coaching and Performance Management. All the details are explained with the help of currently faced scenarios in the form of challenges and opportunities in in organizations. The course explains what kind of reviews help in building a successful coaching culture and how it impacts the success of a coach when he helps the employees in differentiating their personal goals from professional ones.

The course has 7 Sections and 21 Lectures. The main areas discussed in each section are the following.

  • Introduction to Coaching Culture

  • How to be a successful coach?

  • Why is feedback important?

  • The role of managers/coaches in delivering feedback

  • Challenges in feedback delivery

  • Challenges in developing a coaching culture

  • Personal and Professional Goals

  • Innovative Ways to be a successful coach

All the above listed topics are discussed in detail in each lecture giving a comprehensive knowledge to know what are the changes you can face either as Manager , Leader , Trainer or Coach in an organization and how you can find ways to face those challenges. This course will give the idea to develop an effective coaching culture if you want your organization to get listed among the top ones and build a rapport in the heart of your employees.

Students will be able to know how traditional techniques need to be eliminated and replaced with the innovative ones and how to determine critical situations and then analyze the gap existing in their coaching.

Performance Management and Coaching via timely feedback
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