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Performance appraisal: Manager's guide to performance review

Discover how to encourage development so that each person in your team achieves their full potential.
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structure a successful appraisal interview
identify and use competencies
set SMART targets
give constructive feedback
identify development needs
deal with difficult situations

In some organisations the periodic formal meeting between a manager and a member of staff is called a performance appraisal.  In others it’s just called an appraisal; or an appraisal review or a performance review – the terms vary.

The aims of these reviews can also vary.  They can include: improving performance; assessing achievements against objectives; reviewing levels of competence; solving problems; developing the employee’s skills and career; and setting fresh objectives.

The aims of the appraisal tend to reflect the priorities of the organisation.  It is important, though, that the appraisers who are being trained reflect on what they want to get from appraisals and on what they think appraisees will want.

There has to be something in the appraisal process that will be seen to be of benefit to the participants – failure to recognise this has probably been one of the root causes of the lack of success of so many appraisal systems.

Appraisals can be a cause of anguish for both the person being appraised and the appraiser.  But the good news is that properly conducted appraisals can be hugely rewarding for both parties.

Achieving higher performance does not happen automatically; success depends on the human skills of the person at the sharp end – the appraiser.  Very often – with the best intentions – managers get appraisals wrong.  This training resource has been especially designed to help them get it right!

Based on accumulated research findings and practical experience from across the world. This Skill Boosters course complements widely differing appraisal processes by concentrating on the universal aims of appraisal – making a fair and accurate assessment of performance and carrying out the appraisal discussion in a way that motivates appraisees rather than turning them off.

Properly conducted appraisals can be hugely rewarding to both appraiser and appraisee, whatever their level or organisation.  This resource will help appraisers to discover how they can encourage development so that each person in their team achieves their full potential.

This Skill Boosters course uses dramatised scenarios to highlight the key learning points and provides opportunities for managers to observe best practice in planning for and conducting the appraisal meeting.

Performance appraisal: Manager's guide to performance review
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