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Perform with Cruise Lines and Hotels Around The World

Learn how to land high-end performance contracts with cruise and entertainment agencies worldwide.
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Steps to successfully land a cruise entertainment contract
Performance instruction so you can enter the cruise world with ease as an in-demand entertainer
Getting the inside scoop on agencies and available positions
Behind-the-scenes look on what life is like living and performing onboard
Branding and video tutorials to make you and your submissions stand out from the rest
How to effectively pitch your material to an agency for representation and booking
Powerful tools to help you manifest your dream life and full-time music career FASTER

SECTION 1 / MODULE ZERO: Motivations & Meditations For Creating Your Best Life

*Metaphysical toolbox to help manifest your desired outcome faster! Includes:

√Guided Meditations


√Positive Affirmations & Pep Talks

√Inspired Travel Gallery

√Recommended Daily Living Practices During Your Transition

SECTION 2: Getting Started

√Addresses FAQs about living and working onboard ships

√Assigns what to start working on ASAP to be one step ahead of the rest

√Outlines Your Transformation Timeline & Readiness Schedule

SECTION 3: Knowing Your Musical Role

√Details the ins and outs of musical positions onboard + pros and cons of each

√Helps you to identify the role that fits your needs and skills best

√Saves you time and money applying for the wrong thing

SECTION 4: Reasons An Agent Doesn’t Call Back

√Dishes the low-down on why some people don’t get booked + tips to avoid being ignored

√More on the secret sauce to making an agency want to book and represent you

√Free assessment to know how an agent will respond to your material

SECTION 5: Being a Top Notch Musician & Singer

√Instrumental and vocal instruction for creating your stand-out, signature sound

√Provides personal care directives for optimal performance and avoiding burnout

√Accountable action steps for performance improvement

SECTION 6: The Art of Entertaining

√Helps you transition from being a mere musician/artist to a full-out musical entertainer

√Shows you how to engage your audience to keep them coming back for more

√Performance strategy implementation and self-evaluation

SECTION 7: Branding

√Image consulting for when you’re both on and off the stage

√Addresses the makes and breaks for written communication

√Guides you through professional business etiquette in the cruise world and beyond

√Helps you refine your overall brand/messaging in-person and on social media

SECTION 8: Video Composition

√Helps you create an exceptional video in the comfort of your own home and without  spending extra money on recording equipment

√Tells you what to do step-by-step on camera for an exceptional video performance

√Gives tech instructions for unique and next-level video editing

SECTION 9: Submitting Your Material

√Discusses submission package requirements for each musical position

√Provides each musical role with email layouts when submitting to agencies + musical repertoire template

√Includes exclusive cruise entertainment agency contact list

SECTION 10: Getting The Gig

√Guides you through communication with your agency after landing your contract

√Prepares you in advance for first-day expectations in-house and onboard

√Includes a pre-departure, readiness checklist to ensure travel success

Perform with Cruise Lines and Hotels Around The World
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