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Perfect Your Mathematical Skills (Pre-Calculus Course)

Pre-Calculus course that covers Basic Math, Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry for Junior & High school Math
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Functions in detail (Vertical line test, Composite functions & their range, Domain & Range, Inverse of function - algebraically & graphically etc.)
Expanding binomial with any power using Binomial Theorem, Factorial, C(n,r), Finding the indicated term etc.
Coordinate Geometry (Distance formula, Mid-point formula, Gradient, Graphing using gradient)
Arithmetic Progression (General term, Finding missing term, Term from end, Sum to n terms etc.)
Geometric Progressions (General term, Sum to n terms, Sum to infinite terms etc.)
Math Basics like Integers, Indices, Prime number, L.C.M, H.C.F, Rational numbers, Fractions & Decimals
Basics of Plane geometry

This course is carefully designed to explain various topics of Basic Math, Algebra 1 & 2, Pre-Calculus.

It has 104 lectures spanning 15+ hours of on-demand videos that are divided into 17 sections. Each topic is explained extensively - by solving multiple questions along with the student during the lectures. The students are also provided and encouraged to solve practice questions & quizzes provided at the end of each topic.

This course will give you firm understanding of the fundamentals and is designed in a way that a person with little or no previous knowledge can also understand very well.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Integers

  • Indices

  • Prime numbers

  • Decimals

  • Operations on Fractions

  • Rational Numbers

  • Irrational Numbers

  • Logarithms

  • Lines and Angles

  • Polygons: Sides, Angles and Diagonals

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Arithmetic Progression

  • Geometric Progressions

  • Functions

  • Binomial Theorem

Here's what some students say about the course:

  • "This is a good course to brush up your math skills. Even for beginners, it is very good. There are many points in this course which I learned are very helpful. The instructor's knowledge is superb and knows how to keep the students engaged!!!" - Ismeet Singh Saluja

  • "I have a big phobia of math. Taking this course has helped me ease the fear of math. Thus far the instructor is demystifying the subject for me" - Isabel Quezada

  • "This short course is like a refreshing mathematical knowledge. It is also a test of my knowledge. I got all quizzes correct. Thank you, Ruchi Chhabra" - Rabin Hada

  • "Great teaching style. Very clear explanations. Easy to follow" - Jackie Miller

  • "This is a comprehensive course in mathematical skills. I enjoyed this course!" - Tan Duong

With this course you'll also get:

  • Full lifetime access to Perfect Your Mathematical Skills

  • Complete support for any question, clarification or difficulty you might face on the topic

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion available for download

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Feel free to contact me for any questions or clarifications you might have.

I look forward to seeing you in the course! :)

Perfect Your Mathematical Skills (Pre-Calculus Course)
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