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Perfect your English Reading and Pronunciation

Read along and get better grammar skills.
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Students will learn English grammar, English pronunciation and get practise reading.

In this course you will be able to improve your reading and also practise basic grammar.  Included are five sections- top tips for thinking in English, pronouns, present simple, future simple and past simple plus many more. The grammar rule is explained and then many example sentences are read aloud for you.  In this text based course you will see real life sentences that English speaking people say every day. Listen, read and improve.  Use the course over and over again and you will notice incredible results.  This is a good way it improve your English accent, all you have to do is listen, copy and read.

Reading aloud is a very important technique to help you sound more fluent when speaking English. As the course is set up in different grammar sections you can see what sentences look like in each structure.  Learning a new language is always challenging and finding the right words for different situations is difficult.  This course can help you get sentences that you can try out in real life.  Pick out sentences from the course and use them with your friends and family. 

If spelling is something you struggle with you can use this course to help you spell common words in English.  I advise you to pause the video and copy down sentences.  Seeing the words repeatedly will definitely help you with your spelling journey.   

Students have often told me that they find writing the most difficult skill to learn when studying English.  When you read, listen and copy the many hundreds of sentences in this course you will feel more confident to try and make up your own sentences.  You will see question forms, negative forms and positive sentences in all sections.  Try to write down your own sentences after completing each video. 

The more you read and repeat each section of the course the more your reading speed will increase.  Practise makes perfect so good luck!

Perfect your English Reading and Pronunciation
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