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Perfect VoIP: Sell, Install, and Maintain with Confidence!

Learn exactly how to make VoIP installs work perfectly, from Hosted PBX to Remote Phones connected to a central PBX.
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See Exactly How My Company Installs VoIP Perfectly EACH TIME And Keeps Our Customers LOVING US
Install VoIP Systems with CONFIDENCE
Find Out All The Hidden Secrets to Successfully Installing and Maintaining VoIP Systems
Do Not Plug and Pray!!
Discover EXACTLY What Makes VoIP Work, Most Importantly What Makes It Not Work
How to Test and Fix Potential Problems Before Installing
Remotely Monitor Call Quality
Automate Alerts to You When Trouble Arises - All The Tools Exist Now And They Are Cheap! Just Tie Them Together.
Know About Problems BEFORE Your Customers!
Pinpoint Exact Problems And Fix Them If Trouble Happens In Production
How To Hang Remote Phones To a Central PBX Properly
Make Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking WORK Long Term
Lock Down your Security
Hardware Tips and Tricks (Don't Do It The Hard Way!)
If You Are In Any Way Working With Or Wish To Work With VoIP This Course Will QUICKLY Teach You All The Important Things And Secrets You Need To Know To Become Successfull

Come with me on a journey to VoIP fast-track success!

Do you want to become invaluable when it comes to installing and maintaining VoIP systems?

If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

VoIP is taking the world by storm, and if you are in the tech field you need to know what makes it tick. It's definitely not a "black box" - even if you're an experienced and seasoned tech this course will hold some extremely awesome tips and tricks you can use when installing and maintaining VoIP.

If your company is an MSP or Interconnect this invaluable information could lead to a big increase in your bottom line as you will be able to sell and install VoIP CONFIDENTLY!

You'll learn what makes VoIP work and what makes it NOT work, how to test specifically to make sure when you do install that your VoIP service works as your customers expect it to, and how to view call and network quality information in process remotely (even alerting you by phone or email if there's some trouble automatically) using tools that already exist and do not cost much.

You'll also learn a ton of tips and tricks when it comes to setting up certain systems.

This course is BRAND NEW, and I decided to release it early and continue to add on to it. Because of that, the price is drastically reduced right now.

Here's what will be added:

Building a Customer Profile

  • Completely Understanding your Customer's Telephony Needs When It Comes to VoIP Service
  • Examining Current Network Setup
  • Building a Network Profile
  • Analysis of Collected Information
  • Your Relationship with Network Admins
  • The Customer's ISP


  • Guides for Testing with MacOS
  • Guide for Getting IP's to Test
  • How Does ICMP Ping Work


  • Complete Setup Guide: Setting up Filters and Alerts

What Can Go Wrong After Setup

  • Bad Hardware / How to Tell What's Gone Wrong Quickly
    • Bad Phones
    • Bad ATA / IAD
    • Bad Switches
  • Bad ISP Premise Hardware
    • Typical Situations
    • How to Asses
  • Sudden WAN Problems
    • Transport Issues


  • Introduction to Networking
  • Controlling the Network Border
    • What Is The Network Border?
    • How Can We Control It?
    • Talking to I.T.
    • Border Controller Introduction
    • Border Controller Setup
    • Border Controller Security
    • Border Controller Packet Capture
  • SIP Trunking Best Practices
    • Direct to PBX
    • Using an ATA or IAD
    • Hardware Tips and Tricks
  • Hosted PBX and IP Phones
    • Phone Types
    • Shared Line Appearance
  • Setting up ATA's
    • Guide to Cisco ATA's
    • Guide to Mediatrix ATA's
  • Misc.
    • What is SIP Viscous?
    • Finding a Good VoIP Carrier to Partner With

So, you've read this far! Thank you.

I have this course up for sale now at a steep discount because it contains the basics. I will be constantly adding new and extremely important material, and as I do the price of this course will go up. Don't wait until it does, if you click the "take this course now" button you will have all of the upcoming content for the lower price. You're not just buying what's here now, which is already extremely important information, you're buying what I'l be adding continuously!

Click the "take this course" button, top right, now - don't wait until the course goes up dramatically in price. Believe me it's WORTH IT for what you'll learn already, and what I'll be adding.

You'll be far more knowledgeable even after only watching the first few videos, and it gets better from there.

Companies are moving to VoIP, so you better understand what makes it work correctly before you get left in the dust!


Perfect VoIP: Sell, Install, and Maintain with Confidence!
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