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Is Clean Eating Real? | General Nutrition Debate

Nutrition skill building topic for investigation with 17 year pro Coach | Learn meal plan basics
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How to create a meal plan
Examine the idel of "clean eating" and adjust their expectations
Learn the history of perfect eating as a mainstream construct
Discern food volumes that equate to weight loss/gain
How to define great eating

Clean eating is the default suggestion for dieters and for coaches to you and other trainees.

That's because - clearly - coaches are clean eaters, right?

Well that's the hypothesis amongst those who suggest or believe in perfect eating. Let's see if it is a real idea or lacks any form.

Largely, let's figure out an alternative.

Find out how I share with my trainees, both current and past, how to stagger their foods.

Is Clean Eating Real? | General Nutrition Debate
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