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Percentages for Beginners

Everything you need to know about Percentages
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You will learn how to convert decimal or fraction to percentage and vice versa
You will learn how to calculate a certain Percentage of any Value
Bonus: You will learn all the tricks that can be used to work out percentage in seconds. Such as 10%, 20%, 50% and so on
You will learn how to increase or decrease any number by a certain percent
You will learn how to calculate percentage change
How Percentage is Used in Calculating Discounts, Taxes, Interest, commission etc etc
You will learn how to use percentages in real life which will help you make better decisions.

1 out of 10 people don’t understand percentages.

I’m part of that 15%.

ٰIf you don’t get this joke, you definitely need to take this course.

Hey there! This is your one-stop shop for Percentages. I have designed this course so that students of any age or level can take it and benefit from it. Whether you are a high school student or preparing for your SAT or GMAT or just want to improve your understanding of how percentages work, This course is 100% Guaranteed to help.

We start by learning how to convert decimal or fraction to percentage and vice versa, then we go up a level where we learn how to calculate percentages mentally with some amazing shortcuts to help you save those precious seconds in a test. Then we learn how to increase or decrease a number by a certain percent, reverse percentages and how percentage change can be calculated. Then in the third and final level is where all the magic happens because this is where we learn all the uses of percentages and how it is used in calculating discounts, taxes, profit/loss, interest etc etc.

Each lesson is kept short and to the point so that you can take it step by step instead of having to cram everything at once. At the end of every lecture there is an exercise and at the end of every section there is quiz to test you on all that you have learnt in the section.

Percentages for Beginners
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