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Corporate Leadership and People Management

The ultimate training for people managers consolidating the best in class tools and techniques used in large businesses
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Measure their level of credibility as a manager
Put in place an action plan on how to increase the level of Trust with their key stakeholders
Know precisely how to adjust their managerial style based on the situation and the individual
Lead a Vision, Mission and Strategy workshop with their teams
Ellicite their team's Values
Facilitate effective team meetings
Define clear goals for their teams
Define clear goals for their direct reports
Know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing team goals
Know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing individual goals
Discover the world class technique on how to adapt your leadership syle
Learn how to engage your people and motivate them

11x videos covering the 3 key steps of people management:

    • Prepare and Build your team

1. Define your Vision, Mission and Strategy

2. Identify your team's Values

3. Clarify your team goals

    • Lead and manage your team

4. Credibility Self-Assessment and action plan

5. The Trust formula

6. The Situational Leadership model

7. Engage your team

    • Review your outcomes and improve

8. Review your team goals

9. Review your direct reports performance

10. Lead weekly team meetings

11. Direct Quarterly team reviews

2x Bonus videos:

  1. Situational Leadership illustration
  2. Recorded talk from a Leadership seminar in London
2x Action Toolkits in Microsoft Excel:
  1. Credibility self-assessment
  2. Trust formula dashboard for critical stakeholders
Corporate Leadership and People Management
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