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Pentatonic Scale Masterclass

Wanna rock a guitar solo and learn who to improvise? This is the course for you!
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Pentatonic scale
Guitar solo
hammer on and pull offs
melodic patterns
the 5 shapes
diagonal and horizontal approach
pentatonic licks

If you have always dreamed of rocking a great guitar solo and improvising with your guitar, this is the perfect course for you!

The Pentatonic Scale is the most used scale by guitar players, and it’s great for improvisation and guitar solos. Largely used in Rock and Blues songs, the Pentatonic Scale is virtually used in every style of music. And this Masterclass will teach you how to master this scale!

In this Pentatonic Scale Masterclass you will learn all about how to use the pentatonic scale, and get the sound in your ear, really learn all the sounds.

The course has a total of 6 lectures, and it’s just over one hour long.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

- Basic Pentatonic scale shape

- Bending technique

- Slide technique

- Hammer on and Pull off technique

- Melodic Patterns

- Horizontal and Diagonal approaches

- The 5 shapes of the scale

- Classic licks

Please make sure you pause, rewind and watch as many times as necessary. And practice, practice, practice! And, of course, have fun!

The instructor Rodrigo Souza applied all his knowledge and over 20 years of experience playing the guitar and teaching music to create a course that is very interactive and hands-on, and easy and fun to follow.

Pentatonic Scale Masterclass
$ 19.99
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