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Pentaho Reporting

Design and build both basic and advanced reports using the powerful Pentaho Report Designer
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Install Pentaho Report in your development or production environment
Create impressive reports with advanced charts, interaction, multi-language support and much more
Use the Pentaho Report Engine in your Java environment for web and swing applications
Interact and customize your Pentaho reports using Java (in a web and swing application)
Develop your basic and advanced reports using several datasources comprised of the OLAP Engines
Deploy and use your Pentaho Reports inside the Pentaho suite, in particular in the Pentaho Business Intelligence Server and the Pentaho Data Integration

You will learn exactly how to develop basic and advanced reports using the Pentaho Report Designer environment, and a more customized Java environment. All of the examples are described in-depth with the source code, and you will be guided through this book using a step-by-step approach which will ensure that you’ll achieve impressive results.

This course begins with the installation of the Java Development Environments using practical examples, moving onto how to develop impressive reports using tables, charts and sub-reports. The examples will also be shown in a Java development environment for web and swing applications.

Next, you will be taken on a practical run through the Pentaho Report Designer. This guide will then explain Java APIs, data source connections, and the development of several chart types. You also learn the most relevant, advanced features needed to make a report , such as internationalization, parameterization, interaction, functions, expressions, sub-reports and cross-tabs, leading the way to the use of reports in the Pentaho Suite (especially in the Pentaho BI server and Pentaho Data Integration).

With the Pentaho Report basic and advanced development video course, you'll get in touch with the enterprise development of reports, with one of the most relevant Open Source Business Intelligence solutions.

About the Author

Francesco Corti is a Senior Consultant in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management solutions. His experience is based on several enterprise projects for a relevant variety of customers in different fields with different dimensions (from small to big companies). Since 2009, he has been covering the role of PreSale support together with the role of Tech Leader, and since 2012 he began to document some of his open source projects and his experience in a personal blog. Since 2012, he has contributed to Cose Non Javiste; a technical blog written in Italian. Regarding the Business Intelligence skills, Francesco is an enthusiast of the open source solutions with Pentaho Open Source BI, but has relevant experience with SAP Business Objects (today called SAP Business Intelligence), QlikView, Oracle Hyperion, EssBase, and even Microsoft’s BI Platform.

Pentaho Reporting
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