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Penetration Testing with PowerShell Empire

Hacking with PowerShell Empire
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Conduct high value penetration testing using PowerShell Empire.
Intsall, operate, and maintain PowerShell Empire.
Generate Empire payloads that can be used to evade security solutions.
Weaponize media including office documents, HTML applications, and CD/DVD/USB drives.
Use Empire modules to escalate privileges and gain persistence.
Understand how to utilize Empire's lateral movement and collection modules.

Penetration Testing with PowerShell Empire teaches you how to harness the awesome power of Windows PowerShell to conduct modern enterprise computer attacks against high security networks. In this course, you will learn how to leverage all of PowerShell Empire's features and capabilities so that you can conduct realistic, high-value penetration tests in high security networks. If you're a pentester and you're not using Empire...you're doing it wrong! 

Penetration Testing with PowerShell Empire
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