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Using Burp Suite: an Advanced Penetration Testing Tutorial

Learn penetration testing, gain valuable skills, and pursue a career in ethical hacking!
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To businesses and individuals all around the world, cybercrimes cost billions of dollars every year. Apart from actual financial damages, it can also result in a damaged public image – for example, a lot of clients might consider a company untrustworthy if it has experienced multiple data breaches and personal information leaks.

According to the 2018 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report, almost three-quarters of companies do not think they would be ready to respond in a case of a severe cyber attack. In this penetration testing tutorial, Jitendra Kumar Singh, an expert in security and testing, will teach you how to use Burp Suite software for ethical hacking. You will find out how to perform pentesting and evaluate how secure a particular system is and what vulnerabilities or bugs does it have.

First of all, why Burp Suite?

With cybersecurity becoming more relevant each year, specialized systems are constantly being introduced to help simplify penetration testing training and practice. For this penetration testing tutorial, you will be using the Burp Suite software.

According to PortSwigger, which actually released Burp Suite, it is currently the most popular web application security testing software in the world. This makes it one of the best choices for someone who wishes to learn penetration testing: knowing a widely known and used software like the back of your hand is a great strength in the eyes of a potential employer.

There are multiple versions of Burp Suite: a Community Edition, a Professional Edition, and an Enterprise Edition. Most beginners start with the first one, as it is free of charge and contains all the essential features. Having access to them is enough for this penetration testing tutorial. However, paid versions come with multiple additional tools, including but not limited to scheduled scans and CI integration.

Why should you be looking into penetration testing training?

According to Cybersecurity ventures, there will be over three million open positions in the field of cybersecurity worldwide by 2021. How come? Well, the main issue is that due to the outdated curriculum, IT students virtually never learn penetration testing techniques that are relevant today. This results in a low supply of professionals. Having this in mind, Jitendra Kumar Singh designed this penetration testing tutorial to be as much about the practical use of Burp Suite as possible.

Another reason to learn penetration testing is the ever-rising number of cyber attacks. As the Internet of Things (IoT) keeps getting more popular every year, there’s always more systems and devices that can potentially be hacked. By taking a penetration testing course, you will find out how to keep both businesses and individuals safe.

Ethical hacking can mean a great career choice as well as a valuable set of skills to be able to ensure security. While this penetration testing tutorial by Jitendra Kumar Singh takes just over one hour, you will gain so much knowledge you will want to put it to good use straight away!

Using Burp Suite: an Advanced Penetration Testing Tutorial
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