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Pega CSSA Practice Test V8.3+ 2021

Practice Makes a Person Perfect.
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This Course Will Help You to Learn , Practice and Clear Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) Certification. This Course Will Provide Practice Test That Asked in Previous Year Certification Exams . Practicing These Question Make You 100 % pass in Exam.

This Course is For Those Who Want to Learn Pega. This Course Will Help You to Learn and Clear Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) V 8.3 Certification. This Course Will Cover Practice Test From All Topics , Also Sample Questions and Topic Wise Questions Will be Provided. This Course is also Designed to Pass you in  Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) Certification. For This Course Will Provide You Some Extra Notes and Questions to Practice to Clear The Certification Exam Successfully. This Course also Helpful for Student with all Version of Pega to Learn. This Practice Questions Contains More Scenario Questions. Also This Course is Updated to Latest Scenario Based Question. You can Ask Any Doubts Regarding PCSSA Topics.

Pega CSSA Certification Exam preparation

Passing Percentage : 70%

Exam Topics and its Weightage:

1.  Application Development ( 20 % )

2.  Case Management ( 18% )

3.  Data Modeling ( 2 %)

4.  User Interface ( 14 %)

5.  Reporting ( 5% )

6.  Information Exchange ( 18 %)

7.  Security ( 3 %)

8.  Deployments ( 13 % )

9.  Mobility ( 7 % ) 

Sample Questions :

Question 1:

You want to improve the user experience for an application for users on mobile devices.

Which three configuration options improve the user's ability to select and operate controls? (Choose Three)

a) Use standard Pega controls rather than custom controls.

b) Configure the display of a Date Time field to use a native control.

c) Size clickable items no smaller than 44 x 44 pixels.

d) Use links instead Of a menu for navigation.

e) Place controls in a fixed layout to avoid screen wrapping.

Ans A, B, C

Question 2 :

Identify the three valid statements about managing data for offline use. (Choose Three)

a) Backward chaining does not run on mobile devices. Use forward chaining or data transform rules instead

b) Delta Sync improves performance by exchanging data in small amounts between a mobile device and the server,

c) Rules called by scripts as part of an action set on a user interface control require a whitelist entry.

d) A whitelist is a set of rules that require synchronization between a mobile app and the server.

e) Large data pages that change infrequently are added to the blacklist to exclude the pages from synchronization

Ans B, C, D

I have Also Created Pega CSA Practice Course , You Can Also Refer that If You Wish.

Way to Access My CSA Course :

1) Go to Udemy

2) Click Search Bar

3) Type "Pega CSA Practice Test V 8.3+ 2021".


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Pega CSSA Practice Test V8.3+ 2021
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