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Peer to Peer Lending Investing: Maximizing Your Returns

Learn how to pick the best loans, avoid defaults and get a high rate of return on your investment in P2P loans!
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How to open a peer to peer lending investment account
How to understand and use the loan information provided to investors
Techniques for lowering default rates and maximizing your investment return

Cody Smith, founder of Peer Loan Advisor, brings you the information you need to achieve the highest rates of return for your peer to peer lending investment portfolio. Using advanced analytics and statistical analysis, Cody has developed an algorithm used to evaluate all loans offered to investors by Lending Club. In this course, you will learn which loan information can be used to help you pick the best loans, how to use the information and how it is possible to beat the averages by a large margin. This information is based on extensive research and is not available anywhere other than to members of the website and students who take this course.

This course is only applicable to students living in the United States.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basics of peer to peer lending

  • Facts about loan underwriting, correlation and diversification

  • Why is it possible to beat the averages

  • Setting up and viewing your account

  • Filtering and reviewing loans

  • The pros and cons of automated investing

  • Basic criteria for selecting loans

  • Advanced criteria and investing techniques

  • Building your own loan decision tool 

This course provides screen shots from an actual Lending Club account to demonstrate how to make the most of the information provided to you. If you want to maximize your return with insights from analytics experts, this is the course for you!

Peer to Peer Lending Investing: Maximizing Your Returns
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