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Pearl Escapes Other People's Fear of Success Training

Overcoming fear of success that is embedded in our relationships with other people
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How to handle other people's reactions to your success
How to deal with other people's fear of success - yours and their own
How to overcome your fear of people's reactions to your success
How to overcome using other people as barriers to following your own dreams

They say that heaven and hell is the same thing - "other people".  I use Christmas as an analogy in this course, because at Christmas, or during other celebrations, our issues with other people can easily come to the forefront.

When we can overcome our fear of success, it can benefit everyone, but sometimes our overcoming our fear of success means saying "No", it means leaving a relationship or the form of a relationship, and these can be complicated situations and decisions.

This course is to support you to see where your relationships with other people are part of your fear of success, or even when you are creating that fear for no reason.  We talk about being aware and careful of other people's reactions to our success, as well as navigating when we are being sabotaged by others.

Our fear of success can even be about outshining others, about society's view of our success, or of what may be perceived as others "failure" when we "succeed".

"Other people" is one of the biggest areas of consideration when we are working to overcome our fear of success, so this can never completely cover the subject, but it is a good basic training to get you started.

Pearl Escapes Other People's Fear of Success Training
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