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Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Awareness Training

A practical training course to develop personal awareness of your own fear of success
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Personal awareness of fear of success
Understanding of fear of success
Emotional basics
Use feelings to diagnose fear of success
Awareness of associated conditions which can compound fear of success, or in some cases, help overcome it
Begin to evaluate and analyse our emotional and other reactions in order to take action to overcome fear of success

Most people don't understand fear of success.

And even those who do struggle with being able to understand where and how it affects them.

In this practical awareness course, you will start to uncover where fear of success or associated conditions affect you personally.

We're going to use a simple diagnostic exercise and an understanding of emotions and feelings to find out where you have responses that might indicate a fear of success.

Then we're going to look at a few associated conditions, before moving on to a preliminary analysis of your reactions and what they might mean in your own life.

Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Awareness Training
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