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PDE | Google Professional Data Engineer Exam | MAR 21

PDE | TEST Exam with confidence in First Attempt Easily , Accurate & Verified Answers As Experienced in the Actual Test
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Application of GCP Products in Real World Applications
Build a dataset using BigQuery
Connect into GCP VMs using SSH
Learn how to pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam in the first attempt

                                                 PDE | Google Professional Data Engineer Exam | MAR 21

The need for data engineers is constantly growing and certified data engineers are some of the top paid certified professionals. Data engineers have a wide range of skills including the ability to design systems to ingest large volumes of data, store data cost-effectively, and efficiently process and analyze data with tools ranging from reporting and visualization to machine learning. Earning a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills to build, tune, and monitor high performance data engineering systems.

This PT is designed and developed by the author of the official Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer exam guide and a data architect with over 20 years of experience in databases, data architecture, and machine learning. This PT to ensure you understand how to ingest data, create a data processing pipelines in Cloud Dataflow, deploy relational databases, design highly performant Bigtable, BigQuery, and Cloud Spanner databases, query Firestore databases, and create a Spark and Hadoop cluster using Cloud Dataproc.

The course includes a 150 question practice exam UPDATED MARSH2021 that will test your knowledge of data engineering concepts and help you identify areas you may need to study more.

By the end of this course, you will be ready to PASS Google Cloud Data Engineering services to design, deploy and monitor data pipelines, deploy advanced database systems, build data analysis platforms, and support production machine learning environments.

PDE | Google Professional Data Engineer Exam | MAR 21
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