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Windows 7 Backup & Restore Mastery Guide

protect data and windows 7 from hardware failure or operating system crash , no need to be administrator to get benefits
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learn how to backup your data
learn how to backup windows and make a system image
make a recovery partition
have the concept of backup and restore
learn advanced tips and trics in backup and restore

How to look like a hero in the face of devastating loss?!

Your knowledge can break through a disastrous loss when you are expert in:

  1. The backup concept and why it is so important
  2. How to use Backup & Restore Utility
  3. How to sync your data
  4. Step by step to take full image from your system
  5. How to restore from system image
  6. Use free open source product (Clonezilla)
  7. Discover the benefits of backup products
  8. Tips & tricks to solve unusual Windows issues

Are you the hero in the office if software or hardware ever fails?

We all know it will at some point.

Does your client run their business without data?

Would you be able to recover if you lost important client data?

Solidify your career, gain the respect of your client or boss when you expertly save the day with new solutions from this course ...
Windows 7 Backup & Restore Mastery Guide
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