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Paul's Second Letter to Corinth

Explore Paul's theology of apostleship and 'weakness' and the significance for Christian life and ministry today
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Students will learn about Paul's struggles and joys of apostleship and mission.
Examine how the early Church navigated first-century cultural influences and pressures.
Gain understanding of what 'apostleship' meant for Paul and the relationship to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Learn the Biblical meaning of boldness and strength.
Grasp the importance of humility and weakness for the Christian faith and life.

The Apostle Paul writes a passionate letter that sheds light on the difficulties he experienced in his relationship with the Corinthian church. Prof. Wright teaches how Paul dealt pastorally with misunderstandings and assumptions that he longs to correct. Writing from a distance after his painful visit to Corinth, Paul addresses challenges to his apostleship and ministry with boldness and Godly sincerity. In this second letter, you will see how practical issues of ministry and mission caused times of darkness for Paul. Yet, out of these struggles comes a fresh beam of light from the God who raises the dead. Down the ages, the Church has benefited from the Apostle’s ‘theology of weakness’ and his vision of God’s strength and sufficiency through it all.

This is a timely and relevant course for followers of Jesus in today’s world to examine what is going on in terms of the larger Biblical story of God’s unbreakable love for his people. You will learn about God’s purposes to establish the Church as a Messiah shaped family in which people live together with rebuke and forgiveness, grief and joy, and suffering and comfort. Prof. Wright will connect Paul’s vision of apostleship to Jesus’ death and resurrection, which will help you recognize when and how God is at work in your own life and the world.

Paul's Second Letter to Corinth
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