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Paul's First Letter to Corinth: Part Two (Chapters 11-16)

Explore the resurrection and its deep relevance in our everyday lives
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Students will engage with the second half of Paul’s Epistle to Corinth.
Students will discover what the Apostle Paul taught about key questions affecting the church at Corinth in the middle of the First Century.
Students will be able to understand what Paul’s view of spiritual gifts which is so important for every Christian to embrace.
Students will see how Paul views the role of both men and women leading in worship.
Students will examine the pivotal role of the resurrection hope that Paul presents.

Questions surrounding church traditions, the role of women in ministry, and the ways “spiritual gifts” are to be understood, embraced, and embodied were as real in the Apostle Paul’s time as they are today. Looking closely at the issues the early church faced, and how Paul addressed them, can help us find practical answers that can guide us in living as new, fully realized followers of Christ.

In this online course, Professor N.T. Wright explores chapters 11-16 of Paul’s first Epistle to the Corinthians, and explains in plain language Paul’s mission to unite a diverse, and sometimes fractured congregation through Christ’s love. You’ll learn how Paul described the community of faith as the body of Christ, and how the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth changed everything — and continues to transform the world.

Paul's First Letter to Corinth: Part Two (Chapters 11-16)
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