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Patient Lifting Slings Inspections & Labelling Requirements

Learn how to complete periodic inspections for any brand of sling, as required by the International Standard ISO10535
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How to perform a patient lifting sling 6 Monthly Thorough Sling Inspection
Knowledge of the International Standard's requirements, which covers the USA, UK and Australia
How to perform a patient lifting sling Inspection Before Use
Knowledge of the UK's LOLER requirements
What the Patient Lifting Sling labelling requirements are
Knowledge of Australia's TGA requirements
Knowledge surrounding sling lifespans & timeframes
Identifying sling damage and wear & tear
How to safely mark a sling
Helpful tips for using slings

Do you work in a care facility where slings are used?

Are you a carer for someone using patient lifting slings?

Are you a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, or do you work for a sling manufacturer, and need to 100% up to speed with slings?

Do you know there is an International Standard for slings, and are you aware of your obligations in regards to inspecting slings?

This course is perfect for anyone involved with lifting slings as used for people in aged care facilities, hospitals and people being cared for at home.

It will enable caregivers to have the confidence they need for inspecting slings, and provide care facilities piece-of mind that their staff who have done this course, have a greater understanding of the inspection criteria, and the International Standard for slings ('ISO 105335: Hoists for the transfer for disabled persons - Requirements and test methods').

Following the course, students will receive a certificate, which is a great way for employers to keep record of completion.

We will cover the regulatory requirements for inspecting slings, and clearly explain the elements of an inspection. You will see real-life  inspections for the following sling inspections:

  • Inspection Before Use

  • 6 Monthly Thorough Sling Inspection

As well as the inspection guidance, we will also look at:

  • Sling labelling requirements

  • The lifespan of a sling

  • Examples of damage to slings

  • An introduction to the Standard ISO 10535

  • Helpful tips and reminders for using slings

This course is for any brand of sling used around the world, including:

  • Arjo

  • Invacare

  • Pelican

  • Allegro

  • Guldmann

  • Haycomp

  • Hillrom

  • Oxford

  • Prism

  • K-Care

  • Molift

This course is relevant for users in an any country, including the USA, UK and Australia.

Patient Lifting Slings Inspections & Labelling Requirements
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