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Path to Profit: Turn Ideas into Profitable Products

Validate the Opportunity for a New Product to Succeed in the Market
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Identify customer needs and desires
Verify product demand
Identify key competitors
Create an elevator pitch for your product
Identify current trends that can help or hurt your product
Simple financial analysis to verify product profitability
Make a well-informed decision on whether or not to launch a product

Learn how to get your dream product idea one step closer to reality. This course is the ideal starting point for entrepreneurs and small businesses with ideas for a consumer or business product. The Path to Profit will guide you through the essential steps to verify your product idea has a real chance of success in the market. 

In just a couple of hours, you'll have the answers you need to make a decision on whether or not to launch your product. During the course, you'll conduct analysis on trends, competitors, customer needs and even some simple financial analysis. The instructor will complete each lesson alongside you with a mock product to help illustrate and clarify each important step. Once you complete the course, you can be confident that you have answered the essential questions to make a final decision on whether or not to launch your great product idea!

Path to Profit: Turn Ideas into Profitable Products
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