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Getting past the past living a beautiful NOW!

Letting go of stress, trauma and anxiety and uncovering wellbeing and an inner peace of mind- no techniques necesary!
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A way to respectfully let go of beliefs that hold us back
Uncover an inner natural resilience
A way to be ok now no matter what happened in the past
Uncover a quieter and more proactive mind
Let go of stress and experience more joy
Get perspective on the past allowing you to live more fully in the present
Knowing that you are not broken and you are already ok
Experience and uncover a deeper essence behind life
Dissolve resentment, anger, hatred and blame to live more in peace and acceptance
Learn a completely different way or paradigm of understanding yourself

The PAST can 'stick' to our NOW! This course is about getting 'unstuck' in what was, and learning something that allows us to respectfully let go of blame, resentment, trauma, and bad memories to embrace a new more expansive and compassionate now. It's about going 'within' to create a more beautiful mental climate and life 'out there'.

We are authors, international speakers and human potential and resilience facilitators who have now reached over one million people and have experienced: The death of a daughter and partner, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, bankruptcy and crippling trauma. Yet we learnt something that allowed us to flow through all our past issues with grace and resilience to experience a beautiful, emotional space and life now.

We want to share a well researched and tried and tested understanding with you that has shown to reduce stress, anxiety and low moods and increase happiness, contentment and resilience. It has shown to help you access a deeper intuitive essence within and be able to navigate life in touch with this inner wisdom allowing a more 'flow' like life.

You too can be happy now regardless of the back thens, and not just survive in life but thrive. So if you are suffering or have resentment to someone or some event that you get stuck in then come join us!

Are you ready to start a new now?

Getting past the past living a beautiful NOW!
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