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Remove Blocks to Psychic Power with Past Life Therapy

CERTIFICATE COURSE! Spiritual Healing by Unlocking Your Psychic Powers and Healing Abilities with Past Life Regression
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Unlock your psychic powers using Past Life Regression
Release blockages from past-lifetimes that are preventing you earning income as a healer or a psychic
Discover your unique soul journey as an intuitive and a healer and how you can reclaim these ancient gifts
Tap into your psychic abilities with Past Life Regression
Use past life therapy to heal old trauma from past lifetimes
Get a Sal Jade Certificate from the Psychic Healing Academy upon completion of course


Discover who you were in a past life and reclaim your healing abilities and psychic gifts with Past-Life Regression!

This bestselling course on Past lives and helped thousands of people discover who they were in a past life- and helped them clear what is blocking them from finding success in their life.

Discover which lifetimes have caused you to experience serious blockages in your Soul Journey and easily heal these lifetimes and release all blockages to your intuitive and healing powers with this gentle and powerful past life therapy.

Through accessing the Akashic records with this powerful past-life therapy you can release all vows, karmic contracts and bindings to free  yourself from all past-life trauma and reclaim your ancient healing and  intuitive gifts to make your world and the entire world a better place.

Updated November, 2019!

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to use their intuition to heal their own lives or to help others but feels nervous, afraid or blocked about tapping into their psychic and healing powers.

This course will also benefit tarot card readers, astrologers, palm readers, Reiki practitioners, Angel Intuitives, massage therapists or anyone who wishes to earn income being  healer or psychic but experiences constant interference, blockages or anxiety.

Here is what others have loved: 

I have been very interested in doing past life regression. This helped me to understand the process in a new way and gave me the tools to work through this process. My first regression meditation was a very successful journey and I plan to continue. Thank you Sal!!

Kim, 2019

I have been an Akashic Record Reader for years, and a past life hypnotist for nearly a decade. This course is easy to follow and easy to self utilize for exploring past lives and their issues. I love the Guided Past Life Regression. It's beautiful and easy to follow.

Sheila, 2019

I just finished the course and I loved it! It is very informative and well structured. I felt completely save and well protected during the regression. Thank you for all the insights about past lives and our past experiences. I am looking forward to the positive shifts in my current lifetime and development as a healer :-).

Sabine, 2019

You also have the option to SHARE your past life experiences with other students from the course if you wish on the Q and A board!

Enrol now to heal your soul journey and rapidly improve your psychic powers and healing abilities!

Remove Blocks to Psychic Power with Past Life Therapy
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