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Past Life Recall : Uncover your Soul's History

The 3 Step Process to Remember your Former Lives - and Integrate the Lessons and Gifts they have for You
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You will understand what the world's spiritual traditions have to teach us about past lives and reincarnation
You will be able to use the Spiral Sequence Method to compel the universe to directly reveal past life information to you
You will be able to use 6 unique mediums to receive past life information
You will understand the cycles of karma playing out in your life - and know how to change it based on the chakra system
You will be able to perform partner regressions with people close to you - to uncover memories you have had together
You will understand the difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames, and avoid the trap of mistaking an old soul friend for 'the one'

Do you feel like you are an old soul?

Would you like to understand the IRRATIONAL FEARS and FANTASIES you have had since you were young?

Are you ready to see a bigger perspective on your life?

And...Would you like to have direct, powerful memories of your past lives?

I invite you to join me on a life changing, mystical journey.

When I was 4, I began arguing with my parents that my "last parents" let me have more fun than they did.

This began my wild, lifelong journey of remembering and integrating past life memories.

This has led me to reconnect with old lovers, to make peace with ancient enemies, and to understand and accept myself for who I truly am...

Now it's your turn.

Combine Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science on the Quest

  • Access the Wisdom of Mainstream Religious Perspectives on Past Lives, Made Simple
  • Learn the insights from the researcher studying hundreds of children who have full past life recalls

3 Regression Methods that will let you Recover Your Lifetimes (or do it with a partner)

  • Follow along as you learn to find the perfect hypnotist you can trust (and what to look for)
  • Learn the Spiral Sequence Method that will allow you to recover your memories in a DIRECT CONVERSATION with the universe (and no need to pay someone else)
  • Learn Partner Regressions, so you can take the people you love down the rabbit hole with you --- to uncover where you have known each other before, and what really happened

Personal Accounts of Past Life Recall (The juicy stories I have never shared publically)

  • Learn how I was fully awakened at 16 by my friend - who was actually my mother in a past life
  • Discover the story of my shameful past at Troy, and how recovering it helped save my life now
  • Learn how your fantasies are often connected to your past lives - and your destined future

2 Powerful Guests instructors (An All Star Team of Indigo Past Life Experts)

  • Kara Gilligan - Who shares deep insights on integrating past life memories and using them the to transform the belief systems you have been holding
  • Edward Moore - Who breaks down use of the imagination, intention setting, and the key to having jaw-dropping revelations by following the little signs

So...Are you Ready to Remember?

Past Life Recall : Uncover your Soul's History
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